Open Call Residency at the School of Arts in Porto

School of Arts, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

The School of Arts at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa is accepting applications for an artistic residency funded by the InResidence programme, promoted by the Porto Municipality. The selected artist will work for a period of three months between September and December 2022. The goal of the residency programme is to provide space, time and assistance for research, experiment and production in the development of the selected candidate’s body of work. The result of the residency will be publicly presented in a format to be discussed with the School of Arts upon arrival (exhibition, performance, conference, concert, talk). 

The selected artist must be able to integrate or articulate the work they develop during their residency in at least one of the fields of the SoA: Cinema, Sound, Photography, New Media Art, Heritage and Conservation and Restoration. 

The residency will be funded accordingly to the country where the artist works and lives: 4000€ for artists based in Portugal; 5000€ for artists based in Europe; 6000€ for artists based outside Europe.

Deadline: 15 April 2022

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