Open Call: Create art as you would do in 10 years in the future


Kunstgalerij VVOVVA zoekt kunstenaars voor hun wave @2031 Autumn/Winter. Meer informatie hieronder in het Engels.

Contemporary gallery VVOVVA invites you to join wave #2031 Autumn/Winter. Aiming to build the future together we ask artists to ‘Create art as you would do in 10 years in the future.’ We peek into distant and unreachable concepts of the world, humanity, nature, and technology.  The fourth wave features the amazing digital platform YYYYMMDD, that in collaboration with VVOVVA, will be the voice in search of the most interesting works.

What if those algorithms were created only with one purpose — make the owner of that system richer? What if the society systems (economical, political, educational, etc.) in their core are wrong? Is our perception false too? To what degree technologies such as quantum AI and NFT will shift the world? Can we organically influence the development of our own DNA?  Can nature, the mother of human origin, awaken our true thoughts and values?

The submission period starts on October 25 and ends on February 10. The selected artists will be notified by email and published in a digital exhibition at VVOVVA on March 1

Meer informatie via deze website