ISELP Open Call Artistic Residency September-December 2021


ISELP offers a residency program open to all emerging artists living in Brussels.

Residencies at ISELP offer support for artists and their projects: a time-frame (three months), a workspace, a framework for research and experimentation in close dialogue with one of ISELP’s curators or art historians.

The residencies highlight novel forms of artistic research, encouraging various artists and theorists to come together on shared issues. They emphasise the importance of creating forms of knowledge and experience specific to artwork, promoting in particular the process and encounters.

Designed to be a place of creation and in-depth elaboration, this program aims to help artists to produce one or more artworks. He/she may present his/her research in the context of public or semi-public events at ISELP if it seems relevant, in consultation with the person in charge of the residency program and the programming team.

The residency program is supported by the Brussels-Capital region’s French Community Commission (COCOF).

The current call is for the next period of artistic residency in 2021, which will take place from September to December 2021. The artist in residence will be allocated a space within ISELP exhibition as well as a payment of €2000.

The portfolios submitted must include actions that have been invented, posed or repeated in such a way that they adapt to today’s world and more specifically to the world of work. They should explore one or more elements linked to handedness as seen from the perspective of the marginalisation resulting from the mindset of present-day production, or alternatively evoke its emancipation. Artistic projects from all plastic disciplines should conform to this context and question this action, a process of thought and body at work.

Resident will be selected by a panel of experts on the basis of their application and project.
The resident will be allocated a workspace in the ISELP building as well as a grant of €2000 (two thousand euros).
He/She will be individually mentored by the person in charge of the residency program.
One (or several) public presentation(s) could be organised with the resident, the curator team and the mediation supervisor if the project is appropriate.
The project can be completed and submitted in either English or French.
Since the research setting is French-speaking, the selected resident must be able to express himself/herself in French.
The nature and temporality of the support program is adapted according to needs and wishes.

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