Intercultural and improvised music with Fabrizio Cassol



Open your view to the Mediterranean by exploring intercultural and improvised music with the help of the jazzman and composer Fabrizio Cassol during the next four Medinea sessions in Lisbon (Portugal)Sidi Bou Said (Tunisia)Aix-en-Provence (France), and Nuoro (Italy).


All the artists can directly apply online HERE  you just have to fill in the form, and add your videos to get a chance to participate in a #Medineasession. Here are the deadlines:

Lisbon session, Portugal : 26 March, 2021
Sidi Bou Said session, Tunisia : 20 April, 2021
Aix-en-Provence session, France : 10 June, 2021
Nuoro session, Italy : 15 July, 2021

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