INACT Call for Performance-related Work and Workshop Proposals (France)

INACT Festival des Arts Mutants (Strasbourg)

INACT is a festival of performance art taking place in Strasbourg, France since 2011. The next edition of this multi-disciplinary gathering will take place from 7-9 May 2021 with several evening events and a day programme. The organisers invite artists using all media – musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers, poets – who regard their work as related to performance practices, and whose proposed projects relate to this year’s theme: ‘Infra-thin’.

This year, the festival invokes the problematic of the infinitesimal and the invisible. Despite scientific development and great mastery of physics, sometimes imperceptible manifestations call into question humans’ control over their own destiny.

From radioactivity to electromagnetism and soundwaves, from the micro to the macroscopic, we are caught up in a situation where appearances are subjected to invisible rules. Could there be an infra-ordinary situation? In what way does meta-communication take place in human relations? What must be ignored in order to perceive at the infra level of the senses?

This year INACT will pay particular attention to proposals that can take place in public space and which do not require amplification.

The festival provides:

  • 200€ artist fee.
  • Travel expenses refunded – accommodation.
  • Catering during the day of the performance.
  • Video or photo recording of the artwork.


The INACT association also invites artists to propose interventions and workshops suitable for any kind of audience who would like to practice performance art for the first time. This activity could lead to a performance or an exhibition during the festival. Workshops are paid 50 € per hour for a maximum of 12h, with 70 € budget for materials.

Performances should have a maximum length of 20 minutes.

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