hybrida.space AIR 2023: Open call rondom creëren van virtuele/fysieke grond & open curatoriële kaders

hybrida.space AIR/Transartists


hybrida.space was launched in 2020 and focuses on creating virtual/physical ground & open-ended curatorial frameworks. The point of departure for hybrida.space AIR 2023 is the idea that what an art residency is or how it can operate is not static. There are many ways to navigate this. The organisers suggest beginning by emphasizing the collective nature of this year’s residency. By involving creative individuals that are willing to co-create the residency with them, hybrida.space aims to work with the following question:

“How can we, as a group, set collective goals and self-organize in ways that prioritize both individual creativity and communality?”

More information and application

The entire group of residents will shape the residency programme together, starting with a few preparatory meetings online in which the parameters will be set for the period residents and organisers will be spending together in Sweden, focusing on these aspects:

  • Production of individual art projects
  • Organisation of a communal household
  • Co-defining the curatorial framework and envisioning the final exhibition

During these meetings, decisions are made together which will inform the structure of the residency. Residents will live and work on location for 8 weeks, and work towards a final exhibition that will be open to the public for 2 weeks.

They have eight open spots for the residency period for 2023:
Four of them are reserved for artists from the following Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Åland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. International artists residing in these countries are also eligible. The remaining four places are for artists from any country, including Sweden.

The residency period is taking place from the 22nd of May and lasts until the 23rd of July. It also includes a few online meetings before the official start in May. The dates may be subject to change.

The location of the residency is special and far away from the contemporary art world —not only measured by kilometers. They are curious how the applicants think they could benefit from working in a group, as well as in a remote setting. What do they believe the location could offer, and what effect could it have on their work?

During the 2022 residency, they experimented with setting up a public programme comprised of artist talks, lectures, and workshops that were open to the public and some being streamed online. This approach can be generous since it opens up for exchange within the group, and at the same time provides a larger audience and the local inhabitants of the village the opportunity to get insights into everyone’s practices. That way they can contribute to integrating the works, practices, and the residency program into the local context, and they are interested in collaborating with artists who can think along these lines as well.

Selection criteria

  • Portfolio
  • Project description
  • Thoughts on how you can benefit from working in this location and within the residency format
  • Thoughts on how to contribute to the self-organized nature of the residency. How you can have an active role in forming the residency period, in curatorial, artistic, and practical ways?

They are looking for applicants that have graduated from higher studies in visual arts or equivalent fields, or alternatively, have a professional art practice for more than 3 years, and who are available 90-100% of the time between May 15 to July 15 (exact dates might change).

Send your application as one PDF file through the application form. The application should contain the following, in the same order as listed below:

  • Motivation for joining this year’s residency, maximum 250 words
  • Contribution to the self-organised format, maximum 250 words
  • Project description, maximum 250 words. (If it’s a complex project in terms of making/building, please attach a separate budget calculation and a detailed project plan)
  • Description of practice and CV
  • Portfolio