Apply for the Horst Art Lab 2021

Horst Festival

The Art Lab gathers artists, curators and researchers whose practice revolves around developing art in peripheral contexts and forging authentic and co-authored methodologies of participatory or community-based art. During the Art Lab we research art as an instigator for social cohesion, ecological transformation and decolonisation. The context of Asiat, Vilvoorde will be our testing ground. The Art Lab consists of guest lectures, workshops, performative encounters and group discussions, as well as a visit to several art institutions in Brussels.


3 – 12 July 2021


Vilvoorde, Belgium


How can contemporary artistic practices become resourceful tools for social cohesion?


Claire Bishop, Britta Peters, Aude Christel Mgba, Heidi Ballet, Jeremy Hutchison, Jessica Gysel, Fiona Hallinan, Sorana Munsya, Michelange Quay, Ella De Burca and others.


KU Leuven


The lab costs € 350 per participant.

More information

More info about the programme and the application form can be found here.