Gezocht: professionele dansers voor video-installatie

Marijn Ottenhof


This fall Marijn Ottenhof will work towards the production of a new performative video installation at VONK studios in Hasselt. Hard Limits, a term used in BDSM culture, is a project on the intersections of trauma, role-play and erotic practices. Performers will activate the sculptures I created in the ceramics residency at EKWC. The new piece is scheduled to be part of a performance festival at CC Hasselt in November 2022. 

For whom?

Marijn is looking for professional dancers with an interest in BDSM and kink subculture. You will be invited to work independently within the concept, this means you will have the freedom to sculpt your own contribution to it. He is looking for playful, queer, adventurous, timid, introverted extroverts who can imagine turning twenty five sculptures into a fetish party. 

How to apply?

You need to be available for a minimum of two weeks between 20th October and 20th November 2022. If you’re interested, write me a short motivation statement, some info on yourself and some images/videos of pieces you’ve performed in:

More information

This is a paid job. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email. You can find out more about my work at Feel free to show this call to anyone you think might be interested.