Gezocht: jonge vrijwilligers voor uitwisseling in Roemenië

Youth ProBono Belgium


The main idea of the “Volunteering is The Key” project is the theme of volunteering. Generally, organizations need more and more volunteers to be able to grow and to be able to carry out the activities they are proposing. Through this project, Youth ProBono Belgium aims to explore the topic of volunteering through various non-formal activities, specific to youth exchange projects.


31st October – 8th November 2022, Costinesti, Romania

For whom?

  • Participants of “Volunteering is The Key” project are youngsters from Romania, Poland, Estonia and Belgium aged 18-30.
  • The group/team leaders are 18+ with no age limit.
  • The activities of the project are accessible to every participant as nonformal learning methods are used. Participants will have to be highly involved in activities that require imagination and creativity, and are encouraged and stimulated to transform their ideas into actions.
  • Selected participants are expected to participate in all the activities of the “Volunteering is The Key” Youth Exchange. The national groups areformed from 7 youngsters + 2 team/group leaders = 9 people in total.

More information and how to apply here