Digital atelier and residency on feminist video streaming platform

ooooo / anarchaserver / systerserver


We are intersectional feminists based in different geolocations within Europe, who run their own autonomous servers Systerserver, Anarchaserver and Lever Burns.

We do this work to educate ourselves about web related technologies, nourish our fringed community of queer, trans and women identified persons by creating a space where we feel safe to share our art and activism, express our minds with no fear of being trolled, censored, or patronized by the privileged male majority that runs most of Internet’s infrastructure.

Moreover, we choose to work only with free and open source software (FOSS) so that we can access tools with our resources.

For whom?

We invite artists and art collectives who are intersectional with our identity politics to upload their videos during a residency or curate events/content on our peertube instance, a video streaming/archiving platform.

Our peertube can be a platform for:

  • an exhibition: visual impressions, video tutorials, video archives of existing projects, documentaries, video art or experimental videos
  • video playlists
  • in-real-life or online events to be streamed or restreamed
  • migration from commercial platforms
  • material that is prone to censorship in mainstream platforms / sensitive material.

How to apply?

To submit your proposal, email to

Give us a short description of what you want to upload or curate including reference material or inspirational sources + a biography (max 20 lines).

Resources for a monthly residency are 1000 euro and for a self-curated event 500 euro.


confirmation by end of march
events/residency – april/may

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