Collective project space Au JUS is looking for new members


OPEN CALL: Au JUS is looking for 4 new members
Imagine a three-story building consisting of a gallery space with a big window towards the street, an apartment on the first floor and a basement below it.  What would you envision to take place there? What is the first thing that comes to mind? What role would you play in this fiction?

Au JUS is a project space in St.Gilles/ Brussels. It is run as collective process and play. Au JUS researches and rehearses deviant forms of being (together)in temporary realities and sensuous simulations. It offers a training ground for embodied experience of social imaginaries and the speculative remodeling of infrastructures such as law, economy or extraction.

The shapeshifting space is open to different formats: meet ups, exhibitions, performances, parties, workshops, residencies, readings, research, dinners and what you might desire.
Au JUS self-organizes through monthly gatherings, in which its members experiment with changing rules, scores and stories that define what is happening in the space. Au JUS is sustained by different kinds of members that contribute with varying degrees of money and time (to be discussed).
Like the space itself your role can shift over time. Please, send back the character sheet ( and join us for our next gathering in which new members may sign a fictional (but legally binding) contract to become member of our ASBL ‘au JUS’ which is also a collective worlding device. 

Avenue Jean Volder 24
1060 Saint-Gilles