Call for contributions to ELIA Biennial in Helsinki

ELIA Biennial Helsinki


We find ourselves skating on thin ice. Trying to maintain balance while moving forward. The past two years have taken their toll, but unexpected ruptures have given way to new flows of thought, ideas and discourse.

So many big questions – climate crisis, inequality, the changing role of arts education, students hungry for radical change. We feel anxious, enlightened, depleted and excited.

ELIA Biennial 2022 seeks to create an open exploratory space for all. A place where the unique complexities facing higher arts education today can be picked up, turned over and closely examined to see what lies beneath. We want to look at all sides from all angles. Run our fingers down the cracks, study the joins, take the rough with the smooth and discover those hidden gems.

Hosted by University of the Arts Helsinki in Finland, in the spirit of togetherness we search for greater understanding, engage in necessary dialogue to enable the growth of resilient dynamic ecosystems which embody and feed the needs of humanity, the environment, the arts and social justice.

Who can apply

Representatives of ELIA member institutions from all artistic disciplines such as students, lecturers, researchers, artists, senior managers, international officers, supporting and technical staff members are welcome to submit proposals.

How to apply

Be creative. Your chosen format should stimulate lively debate, enable co-creation, facilitate dialogue, encourage participation and move towards creating common understanding.  Read full call here.

Submission Requirements

  • Presentation title
  • Format description
  • Discipline(s) (artistic and/or non-artistic)
  • A description (max. 300 words)
  • A video of 2 minutes in which the idea for the session is presented
  • Biography
  • Technical requests
  • Contact details

*Submissions should be received by 15 January 2022.

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