Artist Residencies on Sustainability and ‘Small is Beautiful’

AIR InSILo (Austria)

The Artist-in-Residence Programme AIR InSILo is an independent initiative, organised by artist and curator Ksenia Yurkova and artist and curator Martin Breindl. It is located in a quiet rural area 50 kilometres north of the city of Vienna, in the town of Hollabrunn (Lower Austria), within a five minutes’ walk from the local train station.

This year, AIR InSILo are offering three residencies:

  • One short-term residency, 23-31 October 2021, for the artists and curators who live in the vicinity of accessible overland travel to Hollabrunn.
  • Two long-term residencies, 1.5 months, November – December 2021 or January – February 2022, for international artists and curators.

This inaugural AIR InSilo call is inspired by the ideas of Leopold Kohr (1909 – 1994), a prominent but underrated Austrian philosopher, whose concept ‘Small is Beautiful’ has saturated the thinking of subsequent researchers and influenced notions of decentralisation with inclinations toward localism and post-development theory, degrowth theory, bioregionalism, and a principle of sustainability.

Understanding artistic creation as a basic need, AIR InSilo are inviting artists, curators, and researchers to contribute their thoughts and energy to conceptualise takes on the sustainability of individual lives and ethical challenges and boundaries of sustainability in artistic production; to think of artistic production as non-commodity; to imagine alternative economic systems to sustain artistic production; to define boundaries of living space and workspace, leisure time and work time; to meditate on open source appropriate technologies and open design; to find ways of collaboration for disjointed, decentralised communities.

The aim is to continue rethinking the Umwelt for artistic production, getting away from the hindering and repressive frames of cognitive capitalism and the art market’s logic of commodification.

AIR InSILo provides:

  • Free accommodation in AIR InSilo and usage of its facilities. It is possible to come with partners and/or children.
  • Travel costs of 100 EUR for the short-term residency and up to 600 EUR for the long-term residency.
  • A stipend of 975 EUR for the long-term residency only.
  • Production costs of 525 EUR for the long-term residency only.
  • A per diem of 30 EUR per day for the short-term residency only.
  • Transport costs of 150 EUR for the long-term residency only.
  • Digital PR support and a feature in InSilo Magazine.

Deadline: 15 September 2021

More info & apply: