Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design in a Social-Political Context

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

This advanced Master of Research in Art and Design focuses on the research development of artists and designers whose practice is anchored in a social-political context (including but not limited to feminism, social design, migration, decolonisation, class politics, queer politics, disability politics, capitalism, identity, Anthropocene, the (under)commons, community art, conflict & design, healing & rituals, history, big data…).

The concrete program will be developed in line with the specific research proposals of the participants. We offer intense coaching in writing, critical studies, and research methodologies. The coaching is individual, collective and participatory, and there is a strong focus on sharing research. We meet every three weeks for a session of three days in Antwerp. In addition to these sessions, we also organise three intensive and collaborative research weeks facilitated by distinguished artists or designers.

The program offers time and space to do research without the requirement of any particular final format such as an exhibition or production. Collective learning and participatory coaching is central to the program; it comes with the engagement of each participant to care for each other’s wellbeing and research development. We offer a nurturing research environment of dedicated and experienced tutors, junior and senior researchers and PhD students as well as an international network of professionals, institutions and guest lecturers.

We work with a small team of maximum 12 students.

The advanced Master of Research in Art and Design is intended for artists or designers with a Master’s degree. We welcome masters in visual arts, design or any other discipline, provided they have an artistic research practice. The program is particularly suitable for those interested in developing their research within a social-political field and in preparation for a successful PhD project. You apply with a portfolio, a letter of motivation and a research proposal. Small collectives or artistic duos are also encouraged to apply!

Why apply?
If you have a Master’s degree and want to deepen and expand your artistic research or if you are thinking about applying for a practice-based PhD in the arts. If you want to be part of a collective and participatory coaching proces and take co-responsibility of for the wellbeing and research progres of your peers. If you are working on an artistic research project and want to invite a group of caring and critical peers and tutors to accompany you along the way.

Practical information
The application process for the 2021–22 program closes on March 8, 2021. Admission interviews take place in two to four weeks after the application due date. The program starts the last week of September 2021

For more information on the program, please check the website. if you have any further questions, please contact Petra Van Brabandt, head of research at St Lucas Antwerp, by e-mail at

For more information on the application procedure, please check the website. If you have further questions, please contact Joud Toamah, advanced Master coordinator, by e-mail at