Ideas on cultural policy in times of disruption or interruption

International Conference on Cultural Policy Research / Universiteit Antwerpen


The theme of ICCPR 2022 is Cultural policy in times of disruption or interruption? The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 and 2021 has had a huge impact on society and in particular on the cultural sector. Museums, theatres and other cultural organisations have all been forced to undergo rapid digital transformation not only in their way of creating but also in terms of their way of producing, presenting and/or audience engagement. Artists have often suffered the most from the crisis. In some countries, cultural policy makers tried to control the damage by calling for all kinds of emergency measurements and support mechanisms.

This public support was crucial for the majority of cultural actors in order to survive the crisis. Perhaps now we can look forward to a period of recovery….or is there more to come? If so, what have we learned from this exceptional period? Are we now better prepared or is the cultural sector still as exposed, and if so, might this lead to more significant consequences?

ICCPR 2022 invites participants to present papers from across the entire spectrum of cultural policy studies. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Futures and future-being for Cultural policy
  • Cultural policy and digitization
  • Cultural policies of migration, identities and acculturation
  • Cultural policy and the position of the artist
  • Cultural policy and ecosystems
  • Cultural policy and new ways of working (commons, …)
  • Cultural policies and (global) governance
  • Cultural policies and inclusion
  • Cultural policies and sustainability
  • Cultural policies and politics
  • Cultural policy and digitization
  • Cultural policy and ethics
  • Local and regional cultural policy
  • Historiographies of cultural policy
  • Comparative cultural policy
  • Arts education and cultural policy
  • Cultural policy and creative industries
  • Cultural policy and audience engagement
  • Cultural policy and development policy
  • Culture and economy
  • Culture and wellbeing
  • Cultural policy, cultural diplomacy and international relations


How to submit?

Please follow the requirements above when submitting your abstract.

  • All the abstracts must have a title and must be submitted in Microsoft Word-file format only.
  • Provide 5-7 keywords that closely reflect the content of the abstract. Relation to the conference theme / subthemes should be clearly indicated.
  • Please include all contact information (Name of the author, affiliation, email address, phone number). In case of multiple authors, please indicate the corresponding authors.

Please send your contribution to iccpr2022(at) by February 28th at the latest (23.59h CEST)


30 April 2022: Information on acceptance

20 July 2022: The deadline for the submission of selected full papers & proposals

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