To be continued… feb 22

22 feb 2021
Leer nieuw artistiek werk kennen in deze tijden van lockdown en social distancing

Met To be continued organiseren we een reeks persoonlijke ontmoetingen tussen programmatoren en kunstenaars die in België werken. Online. Je ontdekt er nieuw werk en gaat in gesprek met kunstenaars en andere programmatoren over hun plannen en die van jou. Zo richten we samen onze blik op de toekomst.

Met Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Simon Van Schuylenbergh & Nathan Ooms & Anne-Franciszka Jäger, Edurne Rubio & Maria Jerez, Samah Hijawi, Khadija El Kharraz Alami, Stijn Demeuleneare, Maxime Arnoud, Coupé Décalé & Myriam Pruvot.

In samenwerking met Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Entropie en WBTD

Voor wie?

We organiseren deze ontmoetingen voor programmatoren en curatoren podiumkunsten.


14:00 . verwelkoming – plenair

14:10 . twee opeenvolgende groepsgesprekken met andere programmatoren en geselecteerde kunstenaars over hun nieuwe creaties en huidige werkprocessen.

16:30 . laatste gesprek in een plenaire sessie of in een break-out room voor een één op één gesprek met een kunstenaar. 

17:00 . Einde


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Artiesten (biografieën in het Engels)

Samah Hijawi

Samah Hijawi

Samah Hijawi is an artist and researcher currently completing her PhD in Art Practice at ULB and the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, in Belgium. In her multi-media works, she explores the aesthetics of representation in artworks that allude to the histories of Palestine. Her works have been shown at Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Brussels, PS1 Gallery London, Nadine Art Space Brussels, The Hayward Gallery in London; BOZAR and Beursschouwburg in Brussels; Bureau Europa Maastricht; MoMa and Apex Art in New York; and Darat al Funun in Amman, among others. She previously collaborated with Ola El-Khalidi and Diala Khasawneh in directing Makan Art Space (2003-2015), an independent space for contemporary art in Amman. Together with Shuruq Harb and Toleen Touq, she co-curated the platform The River has Two Banks (2012-2017), which was initiated to address the growing distance between Jordan and Palestine through a program of artistic and reflective events presented in different cities.

Khadija El Kharraz Alami

Khadija El Kharraz Alami

Khadija El Kharraz Alami (1988 NL) is an actress and theatremaker. She grew up in Amsterdam and, free from all convention and predictability, she forged her way to a place in the Dutch theatre landscape. She is known from a Dutch series Penoza, her performance in Melk & Dadels or her critically acclaimed solo, Nu ben ik Medea for which she received the KBC Young Theatre Prize at Theater Aan Zee. The jury described her as a ‘remarkable and inexorable theatre personality’. Her productions persistently question perspectives – as well as the position that she has now attained. In the series Re-claiming Space, she is now working on her own staging of The Waves by Virginia Woolf.

Stijn Demeulenaere

Stijn Demeulenaere

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist, searching musician, and field recordist. He holds degrees in sociology, cultural studies and studied radio at the RITCS, Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound. Stijn was the curator and producer of the free form radio show ‘Radio Eliot’ on Radio Scorpio. He worked as a journalist for Belgian national radio stations Klara and Radio 1 and for the independent radio station Radio K Centrale in Bologna, Italy. He was a founding member of the improvisation collective Karen Eliot. Since 2009 he is creating installations, soundscapes, performances, and does sound design for dance and theatre. Stijn is attracted to sound because of its directness, its malleability, and its mystery. In sound he tries to unravel social structures, personal history and the unconscious imagination of people.

Simon Van Schuylenbergh (c) Wannes Cré

Simon Van Schuylenbergh

Simon Van Schuylenbergh (1994 BE) graduated in 2017 in drama at KASK school of arts in Ghent. He
mainly works as a theatre-maker and performer. In 2015, at the Mayday Mayday festival, he presented
his first and all-new version of Zebra. This emerged from the desire to create a solo in which he could
connect on stage with something completely outside of himself. A ‘duet with a thing’, in short -that
thing being a papier-mâché zebra. And this zebra is meanwhile the generic name for an artistic process
with various moments of public presentation and different zebras. He is currently living and working
in the offspace ‘Volksroom Brussels’ where he hosts many other artists to exchange work in an informal
context of a house. By making his work he questions ways of working and living by establishing
community practices and taking part of the independent community Artist Commons. Besides this, he
is currently performing in the opera project ‘a revue’ from Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe.

Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Lisa Vereertbrugghen (BE, 1986) is a choreographer, teacher, dramaturg and researcher based in Brussels. Since 2014 she has been researching hardcore techno dance styles through various formats: performances, lecture-performances, performance-installations and publications. As a teacher she works with amateurs and professionals on empowerment, physical awareness, sonic release techniques and performing difference. Her work has been shown in: MDT (Stockholm), Oktoberdans (BIT, Bergen), Playground Festival (STUK, Leuven), BUDA (Kortrijk), Bâtard festival (Brussels and Amsterdam), CA2M (Madrid), Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam), CAMPO (Gent), Rencontres Chorégraphiques (Paris) and others.

Lisa Vereertbrugghen (c) Joeri Thiry

Edurne Rubio

Edurne Rubio (Spain, 1974) is a visual artist working in the fields of exhibitions, performance, cinema and architecture . She makes very often in-situ projects in public space. Her research has always been related to the individual or collective perception of time and space. Interested in contexts that make perception a given variable and mutant, forgotten or archived, she seeks to associate or contrast ways of perceiving reality with the aim of creating a second composed reality. Her work is close to documentary and anthropology, using interviews, archive images and research on oral communication.

Maria Jerez

Maria Jerez (Madrid, 1978) Her work travels “between” choreography, cinema and visual arts. Since 2004, she has made pieces that explore the relationship with the spectator as the space in which the modes of representation are put into crisis. From El Caso del Espectador to her last pieces Blob, Yabba or The Stain this relation has mutated from a place of “understanding” of theatrical and cinematographic conventions, that is, from the expertise, to the intentional loss of references where the artist, the piece and the spectator behave towards each other as strangers. In the last years her work has focused on opening spaces of potentiality through the encounter with what we find strange, alien; insisting on the performativity of the encounter as a space of transformation. In this process of transformation the “other” is lodged in oneself, establishing diffuse edges between the known and the unknown.

Maxime Arnould

Maxime Arnould is a theater director. He was born in 1992 in Reims (France). After training as an actor at the Comédie de Reims, Centre Dramatique National, he studied directing in Brussels at I.N.S.A.S (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle) where he graduated in 2019. He works both as a director and as a performer while collaborating with other artists. In May 2018, he takes part in the project The Notes as annotator and assistant to the choreographer Ivana Müller during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. In 2019, he assists director Paola Pisciottano during the XS festival for her documentary show EXTREME-MALECANE. For the 2019-2020 season, he is also the assistant to the director Mikael Serre, for his show Les brigands, an adaptation of F.Schiller created by MAC-Créteil. His work as a performer continues with his participation in the play MUR/MER by Elsa Chêne, at the Théâtre de la Ville and at the Wallonie-Bruxelles center (Paris) as part of the Danse Élargie program in September 2019 as well as in the upcoming work la pastorale du périph’, a creation by Aurélien Leforestier planned for 2022-2023. He is currently working on his first show, Hello world, and on an ecological performance with Aurélien Leforestier, 3ème vague (3rd wave), supported by CENTQUATRE-PARIS. He will soon be a resident of the communes singuliers at FAR-Nyon (CH).

Hello World – Maxime Arnould