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4 | Mission: your story

ADVIES, Interview Latest update: Credits: Kunstenpunt

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Working in the arts, is that a job? Professionalizing, how do you do it? When are you a successful artist? Are you new to working professionally in the arts as a maker, performer or in another job?

6 artist duos engage in a conversation. From painter to composer: discover valuable tips and insights from peers.

Watch our 6-part series: advice for artists.

Artists: Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar, Berten Vanderbruggen, Fumiyo Ikeda, Samuel Baidoo, Hans Op de beeck, Bogenna Ivana, Maria Blondeel, Adel Setta, Annelies Van Parys, Adil Benhsain, Serge Verstockt en Lieve De Sadeleer.

A film by Sander Tas. Thanks to Bozar, Het Bos and Villa de Vis, 10532 Atelierhuis.

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