A.pass is an artistic research environment that develops research on performativity and scenography, in an international artistic and educational context. The institute includes two complementary bodies that operate in parallel and in dialogue: a Post-master Program and a Research Centre.

A.pass offers a one-year artistic research training program at post-master level for artists and theoreticians, based on the principles of collaboration and transdisciplinarity. A.pass program researchers participants develop an independent artistic research project, with a personalized curriculum in a shared and collectively created research environment. A.pass emphasizes the relation between the research practices and a broader societal field, and encourages engaged transdisciplinary practices.

The a.pass artistic research center develops, activates, documents and archives tools for qualitative and relevant artistic research practices. The research center uses this growing archive to communicate and interact with the artistic and educational field and functions as a forum for the development of critical approaches on artistic research at large. In the context of its Research Center, a.pass offers a tailor-made PhD trajectory for doctoral students that offers them the possibility to develop the practice-based part of their PhD project.