Let me be your guide: Contemporary dance

Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez - Traces (c) Danny Willems

Using text and video, reviewers and essayists highlight our main dance-makers. We guide you as you view the dance itself – an invitation to discover the richness of contemporary dance from Flanders and Brussels.

What kind of movement material and body images are dance-makers looking for? What themes prevail in their work? How do they work with movement and with time and space?

Flanders Arts Institute invited Charlotte De Somviele to complement the artist portraits with a bird’s-eye view on contemporary dance in Flanders. In addition, dance critic Pieter T’Jonck sketches the evolution of the Flemish dance landscape from a marginal phenomenon towards the vibrant scene of today.

Research and development

Which areas of focus will determine the future of the arts in Flanders and Brussels? What are the current research projects of Flanders Arts Institute envisioning the development of the arts sector?