Kunstenpocket #3 | D.I.T. (Do It Together)


This pocket publication by Flanders Arts Institute attempts to understand the position of the artists and the difficulties that they experience in today’s world of the arts. By pointing out the problems that artists experience, we also detect the shortcomings of the functioning of the system as a whole.

At the same time, we notice that in the field today, there is a great deal of movement in the attempt to strengthen artists and evolve towards a more sustainable future. How are diverse artists, art workers and organizations already engaged in re-examining their working habits, reshaping organizational processes, giving form to fair working relationships and developing working models that strengthen artists?

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Author: Delphine Hesters
Translation: Mari Shields
Final Editing & Coordination: Nele De Cocker
Design: Princen + De Roy
Printing: Antilope – De Bie

About this series

In our Kunstenpocket publications, Flanders Arts Institute shares insights from ongoing research trajectories. Previously published are: kunstenpocket#1. Brussels. In search of territories of new-urban creation, written by Chris Keulemans and published in January 2018, and kunstenpocket#2. (Re)framing the International. On new ways of working internationally in the arts, by Joris Janssens, September 2018.