Podcast series

Gedeelde grond (Shared ground) is a new series of conversations with arts professionals from Flanders. What do they dream about? What do they worry about? Find out more about the themes that are alive in the arts field.

Listen to the dreams and concerns of Bart Vanvoorden, Junior Mthombeni, Elisabeth Klinck, Jan Vandenhouwe, Lana Willems, Dries Meerts and Jan Van den Borre.

Podcasts in Dutch. English summary available for each episode.


We consider the launch of this podcast a test run. There is a high probability that we will continue with this, in order to get the widest possible range of voices from the arts field to speak. Before that, we’ll take some time to evaluate this first series. Do you have an opinion about it yourself? Let us know via communicatie@kunsten.be.

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Curious about Flanders Arts Institute as an organisation?

What does Flanders Arts Institute do? What is the organisation’s mission and vision? And how is it different from other support organisations in Flanders?