New online prevention guide for the covexit

How to reopen your buildings? May we organise rehearsals again and if so, subject to what conditions? Who is allowed to be present in the offices of your organisation? Are private lessons allowed? Are you obliged to open your museum activities?

A date for a restart of the cultural sector after the corona crisis is not yet in sight. In the meantime, we can already prepare for the restart. Therefore employer organisation oKo, together with the Performing Arts Social Fund, the Belgian Theatre Association, ACOD Culture, ACV Puls and ACLVB, have created the culture sector guide. This guide can now be consulted online at

The sector guide offers health and safety advisers of organisations in the cultural sector a framework for drawing up an organisation-specific roadmap. Moreover, it is an instrument with which players in the cultural sector can rethink their activities based on the prevailing measures. The website contains only find confirmed information. The sector guide is the product of broad support and a co-creative approach, and will be supplemented with new information in the coming days and weeks.

Since the National Security Council has so far not issued many specific measures for culture, information is currently limited. Of course this is only a preparation for what is to come. Answers to more general questions from the sector can be found in the FAQ

The sector guide has been prepared in the context of workforce health and safety. This means that these measures apply only to the professional sector, and not to the amateur arts.

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