Experimental artists and arts professionals develop new working models

After an open call the participants were announced for RESHAPE, the international partner project on innovative art practices. The selected artists and arts professionals will combine their experience and work together on creative solutions for the arts sector.

Of the 437 entries, the jury – consisting of Davor Mišković, Nico Dockx, Rana Yazaji and Silvia Bottiroli – selected 39 participants to become a ‘Reshaper’. Reshapers are artists and arts professionals who are already active with experimental working models and now have the time and space to develop creative solutions for the production, distribution and presentation of contemporary art. A number Flemish candidates were among those selected: An VandermeulenHelga Baert and Ingrid Vranken.

In the coming two years they will be treating a theme or a challenge in five teams: art and citizenship, fair governance, the value of art in the social fabric, solidarity, and transnational arts practices.

First stop: Lublin

The next step in this process is the RESHAPE Forum from 1 to 3 April 2019 in Lublin (Poland). For this – apart from the Reshapers pool mentioned above – nine arts professionals were selected who will exchange their experiences. Chosen from our region were Barbara van Lindt and Jens van Lathem.

The selected participants will receive an expense allowance to participate in the Forum. But all are welcome to attend the Forum and follow the discussions.


RESHAPE is an international partner project of intermediary arts organisations (including Flanders Arts Institute), active in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Based on existing initiatives, in the coming three years we aim to develop new working models that respond to societal challenges.

More information

Read more about the project and its participants at reshape.network


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