TPAM Performing Arts Meeting Yokohama 2019

09-15 Feb 2019
Working visit
Werkbezoek TPAM Performing Arts Meeting Yokohama 2019

José Maceda, Cassettes 100, 1971, Photo by Nathaniel Gutierrez, Courtesy of UP Center for Ethnomusicology and Ringo Bunoan

Together with ONDA (l‘Office national de diffusion artistique – France) we organise a delegation to TPAM Performing Arts Meeting Yokohama 2019 to better understand the context of performing arts in Japan and forge connections. Two duos (each consisting of an artist and a programmer) based in Flanders or Brussels will join us to forge new contacts in the region.

TPAM Performing Arts Meeting Yokohama is one of the most important networking platforms for the contemporary performing arts in Japan and Asia. Every year, around 700 international professionals visit the platform. It is therefore a good opportunity to size up the latest developments in contemporary performing arts in Asia, to develop contacts with professionals in Japan and by extension Asia, and to examine the possibility of entering into specific partnerships.

Following an open call, two duo’s of performing artists and programmers will participate in TPAM 2019:

  • Liz Kinoshita (choreographer) & Charlotte Vandevyver (programmer)
  • Myriam Van Imschoot (artist) & Karlien Vanhoonacker (programmer)

During this trip, the artists will give a presentation about their work to programmers and producers. Furthermore, there will be networking moments, shows to see and meetings.

Artists’ Salon

Flanders Arts Institute, ONDA (France) and Artsadmin (U.K.) are teaming up to host the Artists’ Salon: a presentation and speed networking session to introduce our performing artists to international professionals. View this event on the TPAM website.

The delegation is made possible with the support of Arts Flanders Japan, that stimulates the cultural relations between Flanders and Japan.