UFO visitors’ programme #2: Hasselt & Antwerp

24-27 May 2022
Visitors programmeVONK en Z33
International visitor programme for curators of visual arts

Het atelier van Mathieu Verhaeghe in de Appelstraat in Borgerhout (c) Morpho

The UFO Visitors Programme introduces international professionals to support and development formats for (young) artists in Flanders and Brussels. The programme aims to connect multiple players in this field, to exchange knowledge and experience, and to nourish an international network of references and opportunities.
During each visitor’s programme we focus on two different UFO organisations. These organisations propose a programme with meetings with artists, visits of exhibitions, as well as professional social events for a group of international curators. For the second edition, the curators will visit Hasselt and Antwerp.

For whom?

Kunstenpunt and UFO have invited a group of foreign curators. They will take part in a visitors’ programme in Hasselt and Antwerp from 24 to 27 May. On May 24 there will be a public part in which artists from Flanders can participate.

The visiting curators are:

  • Madeleine Planeix-Crocker – Associate Curator at Lafayette Anticipations (Paris, France)
  • Mikkel Elming – director of Glasmuseet Ebeltoft and independent curator (Denmark)
  • Katrine Elise Pedersen – curator and interim director at Kunsthall Trondheim (Norway)
  • Katayoun Arian – curator at TENT (Netherlands)
  • Guido Santandrea – artistic director at Almanac (London & Turin)
  • Tim Roerig – curator at Z33 (Hasselt, Belgium)

Public programme for artists: talk with international curators about support for artists in their country

Visual artist? Join the conversation on May 24th and learn about international support and opportunities for artists.

This evening we start at VONK for a tour at the studios, a reception and some small food. Afterwards we visit Z33 where all artists can dive into the knowledge and network of the international curators in smaller groups. In these groups we discuss items such as: what kind of support is present for artists in your country? How to approach a contact or network in your country? What kind of residency spaces or artist run spaces are available. Which organization show emerging international artists?

Bring an extra set of questions you can ask the curators and join the talk to start building a sustainable environment for your practice.

16:00 Public reception with drinks and bites at VONK_Veldeman, Kempische Kaai 85a, 3500 Hasselt
18:00 Walk to Z33
18:30 UFO public programme at Z33, Bonnefantenstraat 1, 3500 Hasselt
21:00 End

The conversation will continue in English

Register for the public programme on May 24th

Visitors’ programme for the curators (closed event)

Wednesday 25 May – Hasselt

10:00 Studio visits with VONK artist
13:00 Lunch with the artists
16:00 Break time
17:30 Welcome reception and guided tour at Z33
20:00 Private networking dinner with guests at Z33

Thursday 26 May – Antwerp

Travel to Antwerp
12:00. Lunch at Morpho
13:00 Studio visits with Morpho’s current artists in residence

Friday 27 May

10:00 Individual studio visits with a small selection of artists who rent studios from MORPHO
18:00 Private dinner with guests hosted by Kunsthal Extra City

More information

The UFO programme is organised by the UFO partners: Morpho (Antwerp), VONK (Hasselt & Genk), NUCLEO (Ghent), Cas-co (Leuven), de Tank (Bruges), Levelfive (Brussels) and Kunstenpunt/Flanders Art Institute.

This second edition is an initiative of VONK and Morpho with Z33 and Extra City, with support of Kunstenpunt/Flanders Art Institute.