Meet the makers session: residencies & digital creation

16 Dec 2020
How do artists deal with today's limited international mobility? What role can digital technology play in this?

How do artists deal with today’s limited international mobility? What role can digital technology play in this?

It is crucial for artistscreative peopleentrepreneurs and researchers to have the time and space to try things out. Residencies and workshops are safe places that revolve around experimentation. In recent months however, many artists have had to revise their plans due to international travel restrictions.

During this “Meet the Makers” session, we will talk to artists about how they are addressing this challenge with digital technology. What role will digital technology play in their creative process? What is their experience with online residencies? How do they see the role of art, media and technology when reimagining our society?


Vanessa Brazeau

Canadian artist Vanessa Brazeau is a (non)producer, voice-over performer, collaborator, (un)educator, athlete, self-proclaimed comedian and more. She is in a work relationship with Timelab in Ghent, which started when she was part of the ‘Sprinters’. This group of affiliated artists reflect upon the work of the organisation and gather for their yearly sprint on topics such as commons, personal development, money, resilience and the possible shapes of a residency. Today she is part of the core team that runs the organisation. In her artistic practice, Vanessa creates situations that encourage participation, activation, and resistance. Wherefore she uses the body as a tool for questioning, empowering and breaking the ice. She is based in Brussels and is currently participating in a digital residency with Laznia Centre for Contemporary in Gdansk, Poland.

Jo Caimo

Jo Caimo is an artist, collective thinker and inventor of objects and instruments. His work lies at the intersection between performance, music, product design, installation and the digital world. With his objects and instruments he investigates “the collective” versus “the inner”, and he therefore challenges the spectator to become part of his work. He develops effective measuring instruments and platforms through which we can better understand subconscious patterns and mechanisms in co-creation processes. Researching, stimulating and visualizing the energies between people collectively is the underlying theme.

Lissa Kinnaer (moderator)

Lissa Kinnaer manages international relations regarding visual arts at Flanders Arts Institute.

Matteo Marangoni

Matteo Marangoni is an artist and community organiser interested in sonic rituals, DIY media and applied utopianism. His artistic practice focuses on creating spatial experiences probing the relationship between subject and object. As organiser he coordinates the program of iii ( and curates the performance series No Patent Pending.

An Mertens

An Mertens is a media artist and author, living in Brussels. She published several books, as an author, editor and researcher with Constant, an artist run organisation for experimental art and media in Brussels of which she is a core member since 2008; and as a fiction writer with the Dutch publisher De Bezige Bij.


Wednesday 16 December


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