Landscape Sketch of the Arts: session New Music

15 Feb 2024
workshopConservatorium, Brussels
Speak up and contribute to the Landscape Sketch of the Arts!

The Landscape Sketch of the Arts is a comprehensive analysis of Flanders’ professional arts landscape that Flanders Arts Institute puts together at the beginning of a new political term. In order not to overlook anything, we are organising sessions throughout 2024 to gather input from the sector, each time focusing on a different part of the arts field.
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Session New Music and Contemporary Classic

On February 15, Flanders Arts Institute is organising the first session for artists and art professionals working in the New Music and Contemporary Classical sector. We will explore trends and developments as well as strengths and opportunities within this specific arts field.

Are you working in New Music? Are you a composer, performer, organiser, label, communications or business associate? We’d love to hear your opinion.



When and where?

15 February 10:00-13:00, with lunch

Petite salle – Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel– Regentschapstraat 30, Brussels

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