Kroniek Publiek sessions: Exchange ideas and experiences on the relationship between art and the audience

08-29 Jan 2024

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Flanders Arts Institute is organising four sessions on the relationship between art and the audience in January 2024. During these Kroniek Publiek Sessions, we bring together artists and arts organisations (mediators, curators, programmers, communications staff … ) to scrutinise practices that question or renew our dealings with audiences for art. In this way, ideas are might develop into possible blueprints for the future.

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These sessions are part of our research and development trajectory Kroniek Publiek. All results will be made available afterwards.

Each session has a specific approach:

1/ Broadening the audience

A lot of artists and organisations would like to engage a more diverse and wider audience. What does audience broadening mean in concrete terms today? How do you deal with clashing value frameworks or artistic and content standpoints? Should everyone be there for everyone, or can we divide the roles and meet the right to culture together?

2/ Local audiences

Houses seek to connect with their immediate surroundings, and a lot of artists try to anchor their practice locally. What is the added value of solid relationships with local communities? What conditions are needed for this? How do you proceed sustainably and with integrity? And how do you deal with the possible tensions between social and artistic ambitions?

3/ Audiences get involved

An audience that is more than the end user of art, what does that mean for your organisational structure and culture? Does a different relationship with audiences also require a different way of working? How do you give the public a concrete voice in production, presentation or policy around art today? Can bottom-up initiatives have a place in an operation? And (how) does active public involvement challenge internal organisational logic?

4/ Audiences are digitising

Digital technology offers both opportunities and challenges for the relationship with your audience. For example, how do social media (storytelling, vlogging, influencing), gaming and VR influence the position of the audience? What opportunities and risks do scripted environments offer for dialogue, interaction and inclusion? And how do you get everyone on board, as not everyone knows their way around the digital jungle?


The number of places for these sessions is limited. We give priority to people who can commit to the four sessions and who are actively thinking and doing around the relationship between art and the public. We are looking for maximum diversity in roles: artist, facilitator, public worker, programmer and others. We aim for a community of about 40 active thinkers and doers.

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We provide compensation for participants who cannot frame their participation within their regular working hours.


Monday 8, 15, 22 and 29 January 2024 from 13h to 16h.
Lunch from 12h is optional.




Brussels, exact location to be confirmed