Showcase your artistic talent in an exhibition on deconstruction

Curating the Young

Build up, break down, connect and fall apart, construct and deconstruct. 

These are dynamic processes applicable to almost every aspect of our existence. Curating the Young is a youth collective that creates a platform for young artists. In the process, we take our first steps as curators and leave our mark on the cultural landscape. In May we’re organizing a new expo and you can be a part of it!

The exhibition takes place at the new GIFTSHOP location from PLEK vzw. Plek claims spaces for young people to express themselves creatively. Situated in the heart of Ghent’s city center and near the Graffiti Street, they have provided space for around 60 organizations and individual artists in the past. From the 18th of May to the 26th of May, Curating the Young and their artists can be added to this list. On April 20, Plek opens its new location GIFTSHOP, a new meeting spot near the graffiti street in Ghent. The aim of this space is to create a platform for artists, creatives and travellers, in order to create meaningful connections between tourists and inhabitants.


Curating the Young is looking for artists who focus on interaction, connection, and participation in their artistic process. The ideal artists engages with themes of construction and deconstruction. This might sound vague, but it also means we’re open to different interpretations and understandings of these concepts. All forms of art are welcome, from visual arts to performance or installation, as long as it’s connected to our theme of construction and deconstruction. We don’t adhere to categorization, we are open to all (new) forms of art.

The intended goal of the exhibition is to challenge both the visitor, the artists, and the curators to view reality in a different way and gain new insights. What can be considered as a whole, and what is constructed from different parts? And isn’t everything built up from small elements and connections? These are some questions we want to address during the exhibition, but of course, we are open to new points of view and ideas.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for 8 young artists between 18 and 30 years old, who want to make an artwork and show it during our expo from May 18 to 26, in GIFTSHOP of PLEK vzw, in Ghent. Curating the Young offers you a unique podium to showcase your talent and helps you take the first steps into the wide world of arts and culture. As an artist you receive the opportunity to broaden your network. Above all, you get to show your work at a new, exciting location. During your art process you will be guided by a team of young, motivated and art loving curators, who will help you every step of the way; operational, communicative, scenographical, etcetera.

Until April 4th, you can submit your concept proposal and your portfolio to In this concept proposal you can choose how (draw, write, film…) you provide us your plan of action. Nothing has to be definite yet, but try to paint a clear picture of your vision. Preferably, this work fits within the vision of the expo and involves the concepts of co-creation and participation. Curating the Young offers a location, budget, and much more to help you realize your concept. If you have an existing work that fits within this thematic, you’re also welcome to submit this!

We’re looking forward to seeing your de/constructions.

More information and application here