1. Cultural policy

Cultural policy profile

Some information on the cultural policy of Andorra can be found in the UNESCO periodic reports:


2. Official representations

Representation of Andorra in Belgium

Margot Aleix Mata
Second Secretary, Embassy of Andorra in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg and Mission of Andorra to the EU
+32 (0) 25132806

See also more details under “B/Belgium” here.

Representation of Flanders in Andorra

3. Information portals and platforms, intermediary organisations

All disciplines

  • AND’Art: Platform from the Andorran government presenting artists and artistic companies, in all disciplines.
  • Residencies: While TransArtists doesn’t provide information on residencies in Andorra, it is worth checking their website regularly. There is however a residency in Andorra organised in partnership with Institute Ramon Llul (Spain):
  • Tallers d’Art: Supported by the Andorran Ministry of Culture, Tallers d’Art (Art workshops) provide working space for local artists from all disciplines.
  • Agenda: Overview of artistic and cultural activities, maintained by the Andorran government.
  • SDADV: The SDADV is the collecting rights society for authors rights and related rights in Andorra. It covers most disciplines.

Visual Arts

  • Exhibition rooms and art galleries: Overview of Andorran visual arts venues, with an agenda of current exhibitions

Performing Arts


4. Regional organisations

  • Organisation internationale of la Francophonie (OIF): The Francophonie is also an institution, dedicated since 1970 to promoting the French language and political, educational, economic and cultural cooperation among the 88 member countries of the OIF, among which support for Cultural Diversity. Andorra is a member country of the OIF.