Let me be your guide: Into the streets

Browse through short profiles of site-specific theatre-makers and companies in Flanders, and of festivals that feature this kind of work.


On the occasion of the presence of three Flemish theatre companies at the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival 2017 in London, we publish a selection of site-specific theatre-makers and companies, and of festivals that feature this kind of work. Site-specific theatre undoubtedly is as varied as the artists and companies creating it are numerous. What they all have in common, however, is that they operate beyond the boundaries of the classic indoor circuit.

This first selection will be extended with other names at a later time. Not only is establishing an exhaustive list next to impossible, more than that such a list depends on our target group. Where site-specific performing arts are concerned, Flanders Arts Institute focuses on theatre and performance, and their various crossovers. Information on circus artists and companies who perform in the streets and on exceptional locations is provided by Circuscentrum.

Eager to read more on the subject? In 2014, dramaturge Sébastien Hendrickx wrote this contextualising article (page 22) on theatre in the public space and how artists deal with that space.

Let me be your guide

Kunstenpunt maakt je wegwijs in het Vlaamse kunstenlandschap via online gidsen en thematische sites rond hedendaagse dans, podiumkunsten voor een jong publiek, fotografie, koormuziek in de 21ste eeuw …

De thema's van Kunstenpunt

Welke thema’s of dossiers onderzoekt en analyseert Kunstenpunt? Welke thema’s bepalen straks de toekomst van de kunsten in Vlaanderen en Brussel? Ontdek hier het overzicht.