Video kunst gezocht voor CUVO International Video Art Festival 2024



We announce a new open call for the next edition of the CUVO International Festival of Videoart. The goal of the festival is to select eight of the most groundbreaking videoworks that will shape the itinerant exhibition of the festival over the next year.

For this sixth edition, we propose the title “Alternative Screens”, in reference to the book Capitalism Realism by the acclaimed cultural theorist Mark Fisher. We want to think about what alternatives emerge from the collapse of the neoliberal world we live in.

The applications will be open from May 31th to September 30th 2023. We’ll accept any submission as long as it approaches the proposed subject and fulfills all technical requirements that can be checked here.

About CUVO

We are a video art festival that is committed to bringing together various audiovisual production proposals both nationally and internationally, from a novel and current point of view. We promote the didactic dissemination of the video-artistic language, ensuring that its viewing is possible in the greatest number of places, both public and private.

Video art is still largely unknown in our society, constantly being confused with short films, music video clips or even advertising spots. The main objective of the CUVO Video Art Festival is to disseminate and publicize the language of video art, through the works of eight video artists each year, the result of an open call with a specific theme.

The theme of this VIII edition of the CUVO festival is “ALTERNATIVE SCREENS”, therefore the proposals are linked or related in some way to this idea (See “Capitalist Realism” by Mark Fisher).


The deadline is September 30th of 2023, there are no fees and the maximum length allowed is around 5 minutes. Participants have to send to the application form linked in our web alongside with a video (attached in the mail or via download / screening link). Winners will receive a €75 commission for each exhibition pass outside our gallery.

More information and application