Take part in the contemporary art and architecture exhibition in Flachau, Austria


minus20degree is a contemporary art and architecture exhibition that takes place every two years in Flachau, Austria during winter. The exhibition lasts for three days in January.

They are now looking for artists in the field of sound art, video art, performance, theatre, installation, or dynamic land art for their 2024 edition.

They are especially interested in art that takes and needs space, art that is mobile or makes the audience move. They also look forward to receiving proposals for sound and video art that embraces the snowy landscape as an endless projection surface.

minus20degree provides outside space for art that is controversial, provocative, but grounded. minus20degree is completely independent, thus does not need to please or go easy on the audience.

All art works need to be conceptualised and produced especially for minus20degree.

The theme for 2024 is ‘Plateau’ – a concept with some latent ambiguity. As a geological formation, it is a part of the landscape the festival deals with as exhibition space, and at the same time it may be valid as an expression of societal stagnation and a description of our times.

minus20degree offers:

  • Artist fee of €1000.
  • Production budget of up to €1600.
  • Travel budget up to €400.
  • Up to 6 nights accommodation (arrangements for longer stays can be made).
  • Support from the team throughout m20d24.
  • Professional documentation of the work.

Application is open to individuals, pairs, or groups at any stage of their career.

Deadline: 31 January 2023

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