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Digitization has become increasingly more widespread in the cultural sector in recent years and this has had an impact on all parts of the cultural value chain. Furthermore, the corona crisis has led to a strengthening and acceleration of this trend. After all, cultural organizations were forced to switch to digital means in order to possibly continue their operation. The question arises as to how to proceed: in what forms can organizations continue to participate in this digital transformation? Is a way back possible and what place is there for hybrid models in the future?


On June 20th 2022, the Fund for Cultural Management from the University of Antwerp organized a conference examining these questions and explored the potential of digital transformation and different potential revenue models.

To make the contributions of this conference more sustainable, the Fund has partnered up with leading publisher Routledge to publish a book reproducing content from the conference as well as other research accounts on the topic of digitization in the cultural and creative sectors.

Book Series
The Fund for Cultural management at the University of Antwerp has recently launched a new book series entitled: “Advances in Cultural Management and Policy”.

The book series aims to produce significant evidence and opinions from the field of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy both from academia as well as from practice. The Series wishes to make a critical contribution and advance knowledge and discourses from the region of the Low Countries and beyond.

The book series will be based on content developed from the annual conference organized by the Fund for Cultural management from the University of Antwerp.

Each year the conference sets out a theme for examination at the congress and here they encourage interdisciplinary dialogues between humanities and political, economic, and social sciences; as well as cross-sectorial debates among the academia, policy makers, cultural administrators, managers and entrepreneurs.

For each edition, the Fund for Cultural Management invites submissions of original scholarly articles from both senior researchers as well as new scholars and practitioners who wish to challenge the established knowledge practice.

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