Stel je werk tentoon in een zomergroepstentoonstelling

The Platform


A call for visual arts, to be included in ‘Voyage Voyage’, a summer group exhibition at /THE PLATFORM (Antwerp, BE). Your interpretation of the exhibition title is the only guideline.

/THE PLATFORM provides an essential space for both local and international emerging artists. The gallery is led by two young women. Louise Buys, the director, combines commercial insight with roots from an art loving family. And Aline Kraus, the gallery manager, herself an artist by education and with a background in the art sector, her partner in crime. Having diverse personalities, they share a common vision and form the heart of /THE PLATFORM.

Date of exhibition: 13/6/2024 – 31/8/2024

For Whom?

Young artists from Belgium and abroad.

How to apply?

Send the following info to

  • Portfolio (PDF) including a short bio, artist statement, artist CV, overview (pictures) of your work

Please include your date and place of birth to your portfolio as well.

  • Pictures or sketch/text of available work(s) for the exhibition
  • In your e-mail or portfolio, please mention the (approx.) price range of your work in case you have already sold your work elsewhere.



  • Your work (proposed for the exhibition) is available for sale
  • Production costs of your work for the exhibition are not covered by the gallery
  • The gallery operates a 50/50 split on all sales and transportation of the work