Artistic Residency in Denmark for artists and cultural practitioners


Nyskaben organises a residency, from June 1st to June 30 th 2024, for 4 artists/cultural practitioners (A/CP) in Lundø, Denmark.

Who can apply?

We invite A/CP that work with participatory art within their own artistic practice, or in other cultural fields such as social work, youth work, formal and informal education to apply. The participatory aspect can be in the development process (i.e. working with people throughout the research and creative process) or the end product (i.e. audience participation or performative games).

We prioritise A/CP that work within the fields of performance and visual art, who address environmental questions of any kind in their work. We advise you to apply as an individual, but will allow applications from duos or groups with good justification.

Only people legally residing in a Creative Europe country can apply. As the residency promotes international collaboration and takes place in Denmark, A/CP residing in Denmark cannot apply.

We specifically encourage A/CP who want to boost their activities after having taken up a parental leave to apply. There is the opportunity for families (partners, children) to join in the residency for 2 of the 4 weeks. If you would like to request family joining, please add information on your family situation within the short statement on why you would benefit from this residency (see further, HOW TO APPLY).

The residency offers

  • free accommodation in a small but fully equipped vacation house
  • travel allowance of 350 to 700 euro per person, based on distance and means of transportation
  • a daily allowance of 25 euro per day for food expenses, local transport, etc
  • a communal workspace (no black box)

The residents will get the opportunity to learn from each other and work closely with local artists and cultural practitioners in a small rural environment surrounded by the beautiful sea of the Danish Limfjord. About 150 people inhabit the peninsula and many locals are consciously invested in strengthening their relation to the landscape of Lundø, which is considered a national treasure struggling with ecological challenges.

We expect you as a resident to

  • be present on Lundø from June 1st to June 30th 2024, while bringing your own artistic or cultural practice to the residency
  • hold at least one workshop for the local population and fellow residents of 1 to 3 hours and attend the workshops held by fellow residents
  • have at least one meeting with a residency mentor to test material and discuss process
  • meet local inhabitants through tryouts, playtests and/or conversations
  • join local activities with a focus on cultivation of nature organised by local inhabitants
  • arrange your own transportation
  • attend with an open mind and leave a creative trace on Lundø


(The program is subject to change in collaboration with the residents)


  1. The host and residents meet at the start, to share the program, outline rules and values and walk together on Lundø.
  2. 5 workshops (1 to 3h): each resident and the host holds one session for each other and invited local population


  1. (1) 4 local activities (1 to 3h): local experts invite the residents to learn about cultivating nature such as fishing, farming, gardening and beekeeping.


  1. One-on-one meetings with a residency mentor (1 to 3h) (min. 1 meeting per resident)
  2. Evaluation meetings between the residents and host on the progress of the creative work.


  1. Meetings between the residents and local inhabitants (public playtests and/or conversations)
  2. Final evaluation meeting between residents and host: extensive evaluation of the residency
  3. The residents leave a trace on Lundø

How to apply?

Send following information to, by September 15th 2023

  • a short introduction of oneself (max 10 lines), which must include information on the
    creative field(s) you work in, your experience and background
  • a link to one work you were involved with
  • 3 questions you have related to your work/research
  • a short statement on why you could benefit from the residency (max 10 lines)
  • a copy of your creative CV

Selection procedure

We encourage anyone that speaks English and resonates with the call to apply. The residents will be selected on the following criteria in an effort to create a diverse and balanced learning experience:

  • creative field
  • experience (emerging or established practitioner)
  • background and lived experiences (fewer availability of resources, privilege and gender)

The selection will happen in the second half of September 2023. You will get a response via mail latest October 1st 2023.

More information