Steirischer Herbst: Research Residency Fellowship (Austria)

Steirischer Herbst

Steirischer Herbst is an annual festival for contemporary art, situated in Graz and the province of Styria, Austria. Following the launch of a research residency programme in 2021, the steirischer herbst Research Residency Fellowship 2023 continues to make the festival’s archival resources accessible as part of its mission to place its history in dialogue with contemporary artistic and academic practice. The fellowship supports and encourages innovative scholarly, creative, and interdisciplinary inquiries into steirischer herbst’s practice and history.

The festival archive includes a press archive, a media archive with over 1300 media files, a file archive, and a reference library holding over 3000 publications from the 1960s to the present day. Most files are not digitised and are in German.

The fellowship will run for one month starting in September 2023. Fellows receive a stipend of 1500 EUR plus an accommodation allowance of up to 500 EUR. Travel to and from Graz for the residency is also covered. Fellows able to commute receive a commuting compensation instead. The festival collaborates with a network of institutions in the city that the fellow is introduced to throughout their stay.

Due to the festival’s extensive history and its interdisciplinary character, the archive provides insight into a wide range of topics. Research topics could therefore include:

  • The cultural politics of postwar Austria.
  • Art and politics in Austria and Eastern Europe from 1960s to today.
  • Art in public space.
  • The politics of media and technology in art.
  • The history of contemporary curating in visual arts, performance, and theatre.

Deadline: 1 July 2023

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