Radar Sofia: Take Care Residency Programme (Bulgaria)

Radar Sofia

Organised by Radar Sofia, the Take Care Residency Programme 2023-2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria, will be dedicated to theatre makers, dramaturgs/playwrights, and performers who are passionate about exploring innovative approaches to their field. This residency offers a unique opportunity to engage in creative exchange, experiment with new ideas, and develop compelling artistic works. Hosted in the vibrant cultural hub of Sofia, the programme aims to foster collaboration and provide a nurturing environment for artists to thrive.

In the world of today, marked by constant challenges and uncertainties, the need for care has become increasingly important. Take Care is an urgent call to recognise the interconnectedness of our lives and to embrace the responsibility we have towards one another and our context/environment. Its theme resonates deeply within the realm of contemporary performative practices, theatre, and dramaturgy, inviting us to explore the profound significance of what care is or could be in our world now.

Take Care encourages artists to examine the intricate relationships between care, power dynamics, vulnerability, and resilience. It prompts us to explore how care can be both an act of resistance and a transformative force within the performative world. Artists are invited to interrogate the socio-political structures that impact care, challenging the dominant narratives and envisioning alternative ways of caring for ourselves, our communities, our contemporary context and the planet.

Residencies will take place over 4 weeks, with flexible starting dates between September and December 2023. Each selected artist will receive a modest stipend to cover accommodation and travel costs plus a 500 EUR presentation budget, professional photographing of the event and video documentation.

At the end of 2024, one of the residents under the programme will have their project selected for full production in Sofia and/or internationally and Radar Sofia will apply for additional funds in order to make this possible in 2025.

Deadline: 15 July 2023

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