Propose your residency 2021


wpZimmer is a place for considered, deep and unconditioned artistic research and development. It offers itself as a secret garden, a boiling room, and an open agora that hosts and is taken by practices for a foggy future.

If you feel your artistic trajectory or specific project needs a place to concentrate, float and pulse, our doors are wide open. Send us your proposal, vision or needs, and dare to step in.

Since its creation in 2001, wpZimmer is a workplace for the support of research and creation by artists, cultural workers and activists across disciplinary and contextual borders. 

wpZimmer is a place for artistic practice building, taking into consideration all aspects of an artistic trajectory. We value processes as much as outcomes. wpZimmer is particularly interested in artists and art-workers who are imagining and building other ways of working and living together with a clear perspective towards decolonialization and ecological transformation. For this, wpZimmer builds pathways and bridges to share artistic works and questions and helps developing collaborative practices. WpZimmer can count on a lively international network and engages in an active dialogue with local, national and international partners within and outside of the arts field. 

wpZimmer is not only a space; it is also a team of people providing artistic and productional support, and a community of artists. From 2020 onward, wpZimmer is transitioning to a learnscape: a landscape of learning. From a more service-based structure, we are developing toward a learning organism based on shared governance and peer-learning processes.

The learnscape will result in collective sessions, freely accessible documentation, moments of reflection, mutual tutoring sessions and more, around shared questions related to the practical skills and artistic knowledge needed for artistic practices to deepen in relation to the social, economic and environmental realities with which they are entangled. As temporary members of the community, residents are welcomed and encouraged to take part in shaping this wpLearnscape by making proposals, asking questions, engaging with activities and documentation, and leaving traces.


  • You are an artist, cultural worker, activist, researcher, collective,… with a project, an idea, a research question. 
  • You need time and space for artistic development or research
  • You need conversations and exchange
  • You are open to sharing your work or questions with others
  • For you the process is as important as the result, and you look for other ways of doing
  • You are interested in engaging with wpZimmer, its team, its history, its environment, its future 

wpZimmer is interested in a diversity of artistic practices, languages and backgrounds.
wpZimmer stimulates solidarity, care and dialogue.
wpZimmer encourages experimentation that challenges the underlying conditions of working and managing contemporary art. 


– A residency between 2 to 3 weeks

2021 dates:
Residency block 1: 19th of July until October 3rd
Residency block 2: 18th of October until December 31st

Please state your preferred residency block or available dates in the application form.

– wpZimmer has the following workspaces:

  • large polyvalent studio (17m x 18m) with technical equipment
  • small multifunctional space
  • technical workshop
  • large atelier (when not used as a bed-room)

Please state your preferred residency space in the application form.
We are happy to discuss other uses of space or see how we can accommodate specif needs of space

– Financial contribution between 1,000 euro and 2,500 euro depending on length of residency and number of participants

– Dramaturgical advice/ development support: a consistent and tailored exchange with the team of 6 international art workers with a diverse background in creative production, mediation and curation that can support the development of your project and artistic journey, envisioning possible paths and international scenarios for future sustainable strategies

– Accommodation
wpZimmer has 3 rooms: one room with double bed and sleeping couch and 2 rooms with 2 single beds each.

We are happy to discuss how wpZimmer can support artists with families to access the residency.

– Communal Lunch on weekdays, and a equipped kitchen for all other meals.

** We are following up the Corona-measures closely and will be looking together with you how to safely organise your residency in the fall of 2021.


Deadline: 24th of July 2020 at 12PM
Please apply on time. Late applications will not be taken in consideration
Open call and deadline for the next residency blocks in 2022 is to be expected to be announced in January 2021

Application: We ask you to submit via our online submission platform.
We advise you to prepare your application offline until it is ready to be submitted, as the contents of the form cannot be saved before submission.

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