Open Call: Pan-European cultural entities (orchestras)

Creative Europe

De Europese Commissie heeft de eerste Creative Europe Cultuur-oproepen gepubliceerd op haar Funding & Tenders Portal.

(in het Engels)

This action will support projects proposed by cultural entities – in the case of this Call – orchestras with artists from at least 20 countries – whose aim is to offer training, professionalization and performance opportunities for young high potential artists.

The goals of this action are to:

enhance the visibility of European cultural diversity and cultural heritage,
foster the emergence of artistic excellence and the achievement of the highest possible standard of orchestral performance,
support the activities of organisations and artists who act as promoters and ambassadors of EU cultural values,
foster participation and access to high-level artistic creation for young and new audiences,
foster the sector’s capacity to be resilient and prepared to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies for both professional development of artists and performances’ accessibility.

Themes and priorities (scope)

In line with the above-mentioned objectives, applicants should demonstrate capacity to take into consideration and mainstream the following priority:

supporting the capacity building and professionalisation of young highly-talented musicians, providing them with high standards career’s development paths through recruitment, training and performance opportunities.
When preparing project proposals, further to the above-mentioned priority applicants should also consider the cross-cutting issues in this document under part 1 “Background”.

The way proposals address the above-mentioned objectives and priority/ies will be assessed under the award criterion “Relevance”. For more details, please check section 9 of this document.

Activities that can be funded (scope)
Proposals should include activities in line with the above-mentioned objectives, themes and priorities of the call.
Over the lifetime of a project, applicants may typically foresee a broad range of activities/deliverables. As a common thread, these activities should involve European young and highly-talented musicians in the field of orchestras.

In this regard, targeted projects should adopt a rigorous, transparent and inclusive approach in the recruitment and training of young highly talented artists who should be nationals of/residents in at least 20 countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme. The broad geographical coverage allowed by the recruitment activities should reflect Europe’s musical and cultural diversity.

Projects should offer to the targeted artists adequate possibilities to perform in particular for new or young audiences by using appropriate means including live performances or digital tools.Pan-Europese culturele entiteiten (orkesten) – deadline 26 augustus 2021

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