Open Call: mentorschappen voor gevarieerde disciplines


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About Mentorships for Audacious Minds

The mentors in Forecast Mentorships’ 2024–25 edition push against the constraints of the practices with which they engage. They renegotiate the common definitions of their respective fields and experiment in ways that defy simple readings of their work. Discover the mentors here.

Conditions of participation

Forecast will consider submitted materials only on the condition that the selected nominee irrevocably agrees that:

  • Their portrait, name, and short bio may be published on Forecast‘s website, as provided in the online application form.
  • They hold the sole copyright to and/or have secured the consent of any other copyright owner on any given text, excerpt, or portfolio image submitted, in accordance with all applicable national and international regulations. They guarantee that the rights of no third parties would be violated in the (re-)publication of any submitted text or portfolio material. The nominee unconditionally and irrevocably declares their copyright responsibility and liability toward third parties for any and all possible disputes over copyright violations and fully indemnify Forecast/Skills e.V. against all third-party claims arising thereof.


Tell us what you are interested in and plan to work on. Please consult our guidelines to fill out the form. The deadline is Monday, February 26, at 11:59pm CET. For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions and FAQ.

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