Open call for the music and performance programme ‘In(ter)ventions’ during Unsound Festival (Poland)

Unsound Festival

Taking place between 1-8 October 2023 in Kraków, Poland, the theme for the next edition of Unsound Festival is DADA. Within this framework, Unsound will include an Artificially Intelligent Artistic Director (AIAD) as a member of the 2023 curatorial team. 

Founded around 1915 in opposition to the brutality of WWI, new forms of nationalism and capitalism, the Dada movement rejected ideas of progress, logic and rationality in favour of nonsense, outrage and radicalism – words and concepts Unsound will riff on while creating the 2023 programme, including music, sound, performance, visual arts and discourse.

As part of the DADA theme, the AIAD has created an open call for a series for the music and performance programme ‘In(ter)ventions’, with four rules:

  1. The in(ter)vention must last no longer than 12 minutes, and no less than 2 minutes.
  2. The in(ter)vention will be placed on a night of other sound or music based shows, but the work does not need to consist of music or sound – although, of course, it can!
  3. In some way, the work should somehow disrupt existing programme formats.
  4. An In(ter)vention can be proposed by an individual artist or a collective or a band.

Unsound is also accepting submissions to its discourse programme, exploring or motivated by the spirit of Dada.

Selected works will receive a fee of 2500 PLN (~535 EUR), travel and accommodation.

Deadline: 1 April 2023

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