Open call for a research residency in 2024 in collaboration with Cultureghem

Workspacebrussels / Cultureghem

Workspacebrussels and Cultureghem offer a small residency space on the site of the Abattoir in Anderlecht: a container overlooking Brussels’ most beautiful market.

Abattoir is a particular site. Here, many social issues become particularly tangible: from poverty and lack of space, to unemployment and limited access to education. These issues become concrete in the stories of very different people, who dedicate themselves to their neighbourhood every day.

(Access to) Food is in the site’s DNA. From a weekly market with more than 100,000 visitors and a slaughter line, through vegan warm-up meals and miso production, to breeding fruit flies that serve an aquaponic farm: this site has it all.

Workspacebrussels and Cultureghem are teaming up to find an artist eager to interact with this unique place. With all the unique people who wander around here. Because it is a wondrous site, in the middle of one of our city’s most talked-about neighbourhoods, Cureghem. We are looking for an artist who wants to make time for meeting, interacting, colliding.

About Cultureghem

The 40,000 m2 Abattoir in Anderlecht welcomes 100,000 people every week during its various markets. Cultureghem vzw is tapping into the potential of this vibrant meeting space through projects such as KETMET, Brussels’ largest covered playground on Wednesdays, and DREAMKITCHEN, cooking together with the market’s unsold fruit and vegetables and eating under the city’s most beautiful roof.

Cultureghem is a quest to reinvent public space as a classroom, a playground, a football pitch, a kitchen, an urban living… and from 2024, a residency space. Cultureghem is committed to empowering the people who live and dwell here, expanding their network, helping translate their stories to a wider audience.

Practical information

Workspacebrussels and Cultureghem offer:

  • a residency container on the site of Abattoir (Ropsy Chaudronstraat 24, 1070 Anderlecht): a workplace with heating and air conditioning that you can decorate as you wish, with access to water and sanitary nearby (not in the container), without wifi
  • timing: between the spring and the fall of 2024 (term and intensity of the residency to be discussed in line with the artistic plan)
  • a salary equivalent to the amount for one full-time month according to the collective labour agreement for the performing arts, PC 304 (details of the contract to be discussed in line with the artistic plan)
  • no accommodation

Cultureghem is not a place dedicated exclusively to the arts, but a place to share with many other realities. You are invited to come and be fully part of the (layered) reality of this unique site in the city.

For whom?

The residency is open to individual artists in the performing arts (theatre, dance, performance, crossovers) residing or working in Belgium. We ask candidates to motivate why they find a residency in this context important and which correlations they see between the reality of the site and their own artistic practice or research.

How to apply

To apply for this residency, we ask you to answer a few questions about yourself and about your artistic plans for the residency. You can answer these questions in writing, or by sending us an audio or video recording in which you explain the questions verbally. We can read or listen in Dutch, French and English. All questions can be found in the online form underneath this page.

  • Written text: the maximum length per answer is indicated in the form
  • Audio or video: please answer the questions via a recording of up to 5 minutes
  • All practical information can be found in the online form underneath this page
  • The selection of artistic proposals is made by people from the teams and broader networks of workspacebrussels and Cultureghem

Deadline open call

Sunday 5 November 2023 at 10pm

Visiting the site

A visit to Cultureghem with a guided tour and explanation is possible:

  • on Monday 16.10.2023 at 11am
  • on Friday 20.10.2023 at 11am
  • alternatively, you can join the Cultureghem Festival from 18.09 to 22.09.2023


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