Your idea for the artist-run platform Off the, grid

Off the, grid / Cas-co

Off the, grid is an artist-run platform in Cas-co where artists can experiment and present. Each season a new group of artists is given the opportunity to appropriate the space of Off the, grid and use it for three months as a breeding ground for new ideas and projects.


We are currently looking for proposals for the new seasonal program, which will run from September to November 2021. This program can take many forms: Off the, grid welcomes exhibitions, festivals, happenings and performances, screenings, events, talks, research projects, and so on. 

Submit a proposal?

Pour your ideas for season #4 in a proposal of one to two pages and send it to us before the end of July 25, 2021 via CVs and portfolios of participating artists are welcome additional information.

A program is created in collaboration and consultation with others. That is why the end result must not yet be fixed in the proposal, but we do expect a vision when it comes to artistic concept and collaboration, the use of space, time and budget. A focus on collaborative artistic development is encouraged.

For questions, discussions and more: