Hybrid Research/Production Residencies, ‘Transversal Aesthetics / In the Air’ (Spain / Remote)

IDENSITAT / Centro Huarte

IDENSITAT and Centro Huarte are initiating the Transversal Aesthetics / In the Air programme. This will develop two research and production projects within the local contexts of Huarte and Barcelona, based upon the concept of the hybrid residency and aiming to work with the specific nature of these local contexts using social space activation processes. The hybrid residency will combine an on-site temporary presence along with previous and subsequent work to be carried out remotely. The two projects will be selected through a joint open call for submissions, and will be carried out between September and December 2023.

Transversal Aesthetics is a programme for research and experimentation on the intersection between art, mediation and social space. This latest edition makes a connection between the local context of the Arga river (Huarte) and that of the river Besòs (Barcelona), examining the common theme of ‘Air’. Taking this as a starting point, the organisers seek projects that specifically address the complexity of dealing with air in contemporary thought. 

The work carried out as part of Transversal Aesthetics will follow three common strands: organising a temporary artistic residence, with the participation of an artist or a collective as creator and researcher within the context; setting up a local node involving various regional agents and associations; and organising a transfer of knowledge and learning related to other fields and subjects (Mediation Activities). These three strands may cross over, they may work in unison, or they may coexist in parallel, so that at least two of them will work together on the same project.

The call is aimed at artists interested in developing an artistic project within the social contexts in which the proposal is set, and on the specific theme proposed. Proficiency in Spanish and / or Basque will be valued positively. In the event that English should be the main language used in the project, translation should be considered as part of the production, in those activities that may require translation. 

The selected proposal will be granted 2300 euros in fees and expenses, and up to 750 euros for help with travel and accommodation. A maximum of 1400 euros will be available for production. In the event that accommodation is not necessary, part of the travel costs may be used for production, or conversely, where greater face-to-face involvement in the context is required and production is less or can be covered by other funding, the both fees may be used interchangeably.

Deadline: 19 May 2023

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