Gezocht: meertalige bewegers & performers

Elfine Radwanski

For my graduation performance in collaboration with Toneelacademie Maastricht, Wisper & het Paleis we will explore the relationship between language & identity, the non-native speaker’s experience and the search for common grounds.

‣ Do you also have that feeling that the word you are looking for is right on the tip of your tongue… But you just cannot put your finger on it?

‣ Do you like to express yourself through movement and dance ?

‣ Do you recognise dancing between languages as part of your daily struggle, do you relate to the feeling of being tongue tied and that of bathing in the midst of a foreign language?

‣ Do you like to move, to improvise, take initiative and would like to be a part of an collaborative movement performance based on the theme language & identity?

‣ Also, if you have no experience, but lots of enthusiasm and drive to throw yourself into a creative process

I’m looking for you !


Anyone between the ages of 18 and 35


A graduation performance icw @toneelacademie Maastricht & het Paleis.


Weekly rehearsals : in Gent 


Audition: Sunday 1st of October 1st ( exact time will follow) 

Weekly Rehearsals: Sunday afternoons. From October to May 2024 

Presentation: May 2024

Ps : Audition is just a fancy way of describing an inspirational gathering, so no worries!

contact me before: 28/09