Ga op creatie periode in Denemarken

Art of listening

The BONFIRE Intensive is a creative experiment in sacred activism for people aged 19-29 who are hungry to come together in new and meaningful ways …

Over 4 weeks in summer 2024 a group of 15 young people will gather in a small village in Denmark. Participants will go through an intensive, collective process of training, experimentation, creation and reflection. Working with a team of artistic mentors and the local neighbourhood, participants will create their own BONFIRES : an artistic intervention for meaningful human meetings.


The BONFIRE Intensive is a call to change, to do better, to come together and find new ways of being in the world.

The project uses artistic and poetic tools to explore sacred activism – it aims to ground participants in inspiring perspectives that encourage meaningful social/cultural/human-to-human participation.

We believe that the impacts of this project will last long after the 4 weeks are over.


We imagine a series of aesthetic, poetic and playful ‘meeting spaces’. We call these ‘meeting spaces’ BONFIRES.

Using a mix of artistic languages – including visual poetry, sensorial tools, play instructions, social choreography, tactile objects, interactive scenographies, verbal and non-verbal encounters – participants will explore different forms of encountering to create and present their own BONFIRES.


Are you aged 19-29 and hungry for meaning, longing to come together in new ways,  inspired to experiment and to create new frames for human meetings?

There is no need for you to have an artistic background or experience but you must be interested in engaging in a collective creative process, grounded in a spirit of ‘not knowing, but wanting to know’.


WEEK 1 (July 29 – Aug 2) : Training, Experimentation & Inspiration

During the first week, participants will be introduced to the programme, the artistic mentors and each other. There will be a daily practise of meditation and physical training. The focus of this week will be the practice of emergent dialogue. This is a form which allows us to collectively investigate creativity as a universal force. Throughout the week there will be performances and presentations from guest artists.

WEEK 2 (Aug 5 – 9) : Training, Experimentation & Developing Ideas

Building on our experiences of the first week, participants will continue to meet and experiment with different artists and their practices. At the end of the week we will begin to sketch ideas for the BONFIRES. There will be a regular practice of meditation, physical training and dialogue.

WEEK 3 (Aug 12 – 16) : Training & Creation

The focus of this week will be on BONFIRE creation – participants will be mentored in this process by the artistic mentors and test their work through small public showings. We will continue to our daily practice of meditation, physical training and dialogue.

WEEK 4 (Aug 19 – 25) : Public Presentations in Denmark

During this week we will travel to different local communities and KulturMødet på Mors (a danish cultural festival) to present our BONFIRES to the public.  We will maintain a lighter version of our daily practices.

FINAL STEP (Oct 5) : Public Presentation in home town

After the intensive is over, participants are encouraged and supported (via ZOOM sessions) to present their BONFIRES to a local public in their home town.

*The programme is full time (9:00-20:00) 5 days a week – with some variations. It is expected that participants commit to the entire programme.


Arriving in Denmark:
July 27 or 28, 2024

Intensive in Denmark:
July 29 – Aug 26, 2024

Leaving Denmark:
Aug 27, 2024

Presentation at home:
Oct 5, 2024

Participants will live and work in Vinderup, Denmark. Accomodation is simple & shared. All meals will be provided.

Participants will cover their own travel costs. We can assist with travel plans and searching for funds.

250 euros per person.

We can assist in seeking for funding. There are also scholarships available for those who are financially challenged.


More information & application here