Experiment on your artistic practice while exhibiting your progress to the public

Het Paviljoen

Today, the artist is asked to be multiple. A new but ever-present cross-disciplinary way of working has provided young artists and designers with new ways of exploring their agency. Their practices go beyond previously established divides and their artistic identities have become plastic.
Would you like to have the space and time to expand and experiment on your artistic practice all while exhibiting your progress to the public? Are you either an artist or designer who sees your artistic practice as fluid and interchangeable? Then this open call is for you.


About the Project

In 2024, Het Paviljoen invites artists to explore the ever-evolving boundaries between art and design. Today’s artists and designers are no longer confined to rigid disciplinary lines; they embrace a cross-disciplinary approach, blurring the distinctions that have traditionally separated these fields.

This project seeks to bridge the divide and encourage dialogue among artists from diverse backgrounds, fostering a limitless framework of creative expression. We aim to challenge the age-old question of separation and encourage artists to dance on once-concrete and unmovable walls of division.

The project will take place on the grounds of the Bijloke KASK & CONSERVATORIUM in Ghent, offering a space for rotating exhibitions, performances, and events.

About the Curators

We are a group of curators, including Sina Eden, Paula Swinnen, Manon Laverdure, Lisa Verhaege, Karel Op ’t Eynde, Justine McKenna, Ismini Kyritsis, and Camille Van Meenen, selected to curate Het Paviljoen.

About the Space

Het Paviljoen is a unique collaborative space located in the front yard of the KASK & CONSERVATORIUM building. Originally a waiting area for pregnant patients and later a dump for nuclear waste, Het Paviljoen has evolved into a dynamic space used by residents, students, and renowned artists. Its history reflects the plastic and ever-evolving nature of creative expression.

What are we doing?

‘Jumping Fences’ will act as a space of progress and dialogue. What do we mean by that?

Over the period of the project, 6 artists and designers will get the chance to work and exhibit at Het Paviljoen, all following each other in tandem, so that at every moment two artists will be occupying the space. When one leaves, the next one will enter, allowing for a dynamic dialogue between works. This means you will come into contact with 2 different artists during your term at Het Paviljoen. The commonality (or differences) between the practices of the two artists will be selected to facilitate a continuous interchange between both.

You can participate as an individual artist or as a collective. Hence, this will be an opportunity to not only develop personal artistic practices, but also to also participate in the wider scope of the project and contribute to the common dialogic process with the other participating artists and designers.

Due to the nature of the space, your own progress and your dialogue with the other artists present in the space will be visible to the public. Jumping Fences is not about having an end-goal, but this does mean that your progress will be accessible to visitors and passerbys. Generating continuous moments of presentation will be key to the project. These will be further discussed between the artists and the curatorial team, in order to find the best format for each work and intention.

Practical Information

Who Can Apply: We welcome students, emergent designers, artists, artisans, and individuals practicing any form of expression.

Duration: Approximately 6 weeks of occupation, with specific scheduling to be discussed with participating artists.

Start Date: The project commences in the first half of February, with each artist being assigned a 6-week exhibition period within a 5-month timeframe.


More information

For further information we would like to direct you to the Open Call pdf file