Doe mee aan een zomerschool voor performatieve AI en interdisciplinaire creatie

Sint Lucas Antwerp, Royal Conservatory Antwerp

In the first week of September 2024 research groups The Algorithmic Gaze (Sint Lucas Antwerp) and CREATIE (Royal Conservatory Antwerp) will organise RAIVE, a summerschool for everyone who’s interested in the topic of performative AI and interdisciplinary creation!  

RAIVE is a laboratory for young artists from diverse disciplines such as dance, music, technology, and visual arts. During this late summer school, students come together to redefine the boundaries of their craft through the lens of interdisciplinary collaboration. Here, the application of AI in art is approached much like creative writing is to literature, focusing on demystifying digital tools and hacking the conventions of traditional art-making. As participants, you will be divided into groups in which you will work for one week. During this process you both learn from each other and benefit from the insights of four coaches, skilled in different areas within the arts. The culmination of this week-long journey is a public presentation held in De Gele Zaal of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. 

The open call is open to anyone who considers themselves a young/starting artist, regardless of age. Prior knowledge or experience with digital media isn’t necessary, but of course welcome! 

The extended deadline for application is 7th of June at 23.59pm. 


7th of June: registration deadline
11th of June: first online meeting with all participants and coaches
Mon Sep 2: welcome, workshop, group project work, dinner
Tue Sep 3: workshop, group project work, sharing session
Wed Sep 4: morning warm-up, group project work, workshop, performance
Thu Sep 5: morning warm-up, group project work, group project try-out
Fri Sep 6: morning warm-up, setting up, group project work, final presentation, dinner and afterparty
Sat Sep 7: feedback session

The total price of the summer school is € 300,00. Included in this price are all the workshops, coaching from our four coaches, a space to work for the week, technical equipment and a presentation moment.

Please note: accommodation and travel costs are not covered by the organisation, but depending on the circumstances, your institute might cover the fee and the related costs through scholarships. We have 4 full scholarships for students from Sint Lucas Antwerpen.


More information & application here

For any questions you can send an email to or