Dien een werk in voor (UN)LUST

Artists Unlimited


Embracing the discomfort. Exploring the dislike. Unpleasure is a part of us that we often repress or consider a weakness. Surrender to the desire. Having inner needs. Lust is a magnet that draws us to things.

We invite you to submit your works in the context of the exhibition (UN)LUST.

Jury: Ines Könitz, Lotte Reimann, Hannah Flügler

For whom?

We are looking for artistic positions from all disciplines. We especially encourage FLINTA*, marginalized groups of people and artists* with disabilities or with migration experience to submit their works.

How to apply?

Send your applications by mail to unlust@artists-unlimited.de

Please attach a brief description of the position and CV. The selected works will be shown as part of the exhibition in the gallery.

Deadline 06/30/2023

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